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We listed below some of the books, proposals and other documents that we published in recent years. More publications and documents can be found at the SDAP program page, and the Japanese version of the website.

Books and Proposals/Newsletters/Annual Reports/SDAP Briefing Papers/Carbon Policy Express

Books and Proposals

Development and Aid

The ODA of Japan: Environment, Human Rights and Peace
-The environmental and social concerns of JICA

The booklet introduces the latest trend in Japan’s ODA and the problems with JICA’s projects. It also contains JICA’s Guidelines for Environmental and Social Consideration and problems with its implementation. (Published in March 2004, 143 pages)

Peacebuilding and ODA: Iraq’s Revival Efforts

This booklet examines the concept and reality of ODA and peace building, and clarifies Japan’s position and concerns on peace building from various perspectives. (Published in March 2005, 89 pages)

Green Tax Reform

Introducing carbon taxes to combat global warming: A proposal for policy design (Version 6)

View the pdf version of the full proposal published in April 2007, or the abstract published in 2009

(Only available in Japanese)

Fiscal Policies From an Environmental Perspective: For a Sustainable Society

When examining the fiscal policies, environment concerns are given insufficient consideration. To achieve a sustainable society, it is important to construct an environment-friendly yet economically efficient fiscal system. This proposal is focused on promoting radical fiscal reforms from an environmental perspective. ( Published in August 2006, 16 pages)

Environmental Taxes: Green Tax Reform and a Sustainable Welfare Society

This is a book about the introduction of environmental taxes, especially the much debated carbon tax. The book discusses fair and effective ways to implement carbon taxes. (Published July 2004, 250 pages)

Sustainable Welfare Society: the integration of environment and social welfare regarding the tax and trade system

Globalization creates problems such as inequalities, resource scarcity and environmental damage. This book helps readers understand sustainable development and the integration of environment and social welfare. (Published March, 2004, 259 pages)

Taxation and Finance: From an Environmental Perspective
Environmental concerns are yet to be integrated into the tax and finance system of Japan. Not only is fiscal instrument barely used to address environmental problems, public funds are sometimes used to fund projects that cause environmental damage. This book illustrates Japan’s current tax and fiscal system from an environmental perspective, and presents a blueprint for green fiscal reforms. (
Published in October, 2000, 257 pages)

Climate Change

Carbon Market and CDM
The book introduces the current situation of the carbon market and clean development mechanism (CDM), and discusses the future policy development from various perspectives. (Read more...)(
Published in April 2009, 261 pages)

Introducing carbon taxes to combat global warming: A proposal for policy design (Version 6)

View the pdf version of the full proposal published in April 2007, or the abstract published in 2009

(Only available in Japanese)

Proposal to the Japanese Government on Climate Policies(Version 2)

Published in March 2008

Read the full proposal in Japanese, or abstract in English


The Essence of Globalization and the Local Efforts

Globalization has changed our economy and daily lives. This book presents real cases from the field about how people confront globalization, and puts forward proposals about what we can do next. (Published in April 2006, 171 pages)


JACSES issues three newsletters per year. Each issue is focused on a different theme discussed from different perspectives.

(Note: the newsletters are currently only available in Japanese)

Issue I: "Climate change and Japan: Carbon Taxes and Environmental Taxes"(November 2007) (pdf)

Read more past issues of JACSES newsletters...

Annual Reports

Click here to read our annual reports (only available in Japanese)

SDPA Briefing paper series

SDAP Briefing paper series

No.18 ODA transparency and accountability: toward open policymaking
Ministry of foreign affairs has started improving ODA transparency and citizen participation. This document clarifies ODA accountability and transparency, and examines the current policy making process of ODA (Published in May 2004, 24 pages)


No.21 Manila Water privatization
Water privatization started in Manila in 1997. However, along with the privatization rise the concerns for social and environmental impacts. This report examines Manila’s water privatization, with a focus on impacts on poverty. (Published in November 2005, 12 page)

Read more past issues in the briefing paper series...(only available in Japanese)

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